21/ pics of my favorite people.

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guys his hand is bruised

you’ve no idea how much I wanna know what did Will do

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I love that if he indeed does get his left hand back, he immediately starts punching things with it.

Feisty pirate.

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If Killian gets his hand back… He will no longer be Captain Hook… I suggest one of the following names:


  • Captain Sexy Pants
  • Captain Hot Damn
  • Captain Oops There Goes My Pants
  • Captain What Was I Just Saying
  • Captain I Can’t Even
  • Captain Sex on A Stick
  • Captain Can I Get A Ah-Ah
  • Captain Show Me Your Quarters

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Someone’s new hand’s sporting bloody knuckles (x)

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more once upon a time filming August 20th, 2014 

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Colin + leather

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So if they’re filming the date and Will is in the scene. This may explain why they filmed last night Hook punching Will in the face. Will may cockblock the date and Hook socks him in the face for payback.

Hook doesn’t like cockblockers.

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AU where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

He has heard the stories, of course. Everybody has. Heard the rumours and theories, the legends and tales. He has heard it all, perhaps because he has lived long enough, too long.

True Love can break any curse.

True Love is when the colours appear into your life.

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